So you keep asking yourself,where are all the great houses?” I have been looking online for 6 months and there are rarely houses that I like and the ones I do are SOLD in an instant.

The frustration is real and you are not alone, however there are actually more homes available than you might think. According to the most recent statistics provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) there were over 5 million homes SOLD in 2017, second only to 2005 in number of sales. So there are a lot of homes selling, just not in a manner that is not readily visible.

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So how are other people finding these homes and you are not? Here are 3 simple ways to to find and purchase your dream home.

Be 100% Ready and Fully Committed

Are you fully vested in your home search?Have you done everything possible to prepare yourself and be 100% ready to make an offer on a home and close the sale? Have you been fully pre approved for a loan and know exactly how much you can or are willing to spend on a home, including down payment and closing costs? Have you researched neighborhoods? How about the schools, churches, gyms, restaurants? The buyers who are beating you to these homes can answer yes to these questions. 

Be Available

It used to be nights and weekends, you would put together a list of homes and go see 4 to 5 homes on a weeknight or weekend day. That is not going to cut it in this market, there may only be 2 new listings per week that meet your needs. You will need to be flexible in your schedule and willing to use your lunch hour, cancel engagements or skip obligations to see houses at a moments notice.If a home is listed on Wednesday and you can’t wait until Saturday to see it , it will probably be gone.  If you don’t see it immediately, someone else will and they will probably buy it.

Be Represented

For many buyers, especially those in the early stages of their home search will skip representation. Why not, all the homes are online? Right? We can go to open houses or call the listing agent. Wrong!

This is your biggest mistake, the right representation will be the difference between just seeing homes and being at the front of the line to purchase the best available homes.

A good Realtor searches for all homes that meet your needs, not just the ones listed online. They use other tools to search for homes not yet on the market and they use their advanced networks to unearth homes that you never knew were available. Many homes sell without ever being listed online and a top agent knows how to find them.

Also, calling the listing agent is probably the biggest mistake ever. They work for the seller, how does this help you? Not only can they tell the seller everything you tell them, they are legally required to. Not only do you lose a trusted ally in the negotiation process by not hiring you own representation, you end up having someone who works against you in the purchase of your largest investment.

The right Realtor goes way beyond just finding you the right home, they are there to help you with every step including your mortgage, home inspections, appraisals, movers and so much more. 

Your Realtor is your ally, the one who will work in your best interests, not the sellers.

So, where do I start?

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